Life After Death

Debbies Story~  "My father in-law Ed.. was always cold so during my worst times with lyme and my back and neck problems I used to used a electric heated throw blanket . I'd put it on the back of the chair I was sitting on.. and sit on top of it.. Keep Reading Here

Dave's Story~ "As I passed into the Pearly gates, that seemed to touch the sky, I couldn't see the top of them nor where it ended on either side. Continue Reading Full Story

Angie's Story~ "Yes on two different occasions! One of them was about 11 years ago, I went in for surgery (hysterectomy), something went wrong, my BP went down to 32/20, they called the family in because they just knew I was not going to make it. Continue Reading Angie's Near Death Experience

The Scole Experiment~ Scientific Evidence for Life After Death- These are the results and findings of a group of psychic researchers and healers. It describes how objects have been passed from the spirit world, and includes the capture on sealed video film of animated images from other realms and dimensions of life, as well as psychic photography. 
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Anita Moorjani on Life After Death~ Anita was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and doctors told her family she was just hours away from death. It was at this point that she "crossed over" and then returned again into this world with a clearer understanding of her life and purpose on earth. This understanding subsequently led to a total recovery of her health. 
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Life After Death Collection of Stories including, "The Cardinal Story." Life, death, heaven, hell, angels, God... All things most of us are intrigued with. We all want the answers, whether it's because we miss loved ones who have passed on or whether we are facing our own mortality. We all want to think that there is something after this physical life here on earth. We want to believe that the spirit and consciousness lives on.
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Doctors that Believe in Life After Death~ A collection of Doctors that either changed their mind after having their own, or who collect patient stories. Read Article Here

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  1. My story here is not about myself, so much as it concerns an old friend that has passed on: The year was 1999 and Uncle John had the Consumption/Cancer. He died in 1999 around October just slightly missing the Millennium too! He was an old timer in his 50s and was not a complicated guy that loved the ladies too! The sort of man that Every body was interesting too!! My story is such, that I had gotten the word that he had passed and in my general way; made him an Indian burial charm for his box. an assortment of meaningful things and a pinch of salt for his journey home. The following year was 2000 and a bunch of us guys and some girls were going into the six Flaggs Amusement park for the Fourth of July. It was about mid day 12 noon or so and very hot that day. We were not drinking or smoking anything either...when I noticed this guy standing out in the parking zone with a Winter jacket and woolen hunting pants on. The jacket was spotted Camouflage like you use when duck hunting...About 50 years out, he was standing looking at me...not grinning, but looking; like every thing was alright!! I could not speak!! My mind was trying too rationalize this image of a person I once knew ALIVE. But was now here, right in front of me. People walking this way and that while we were waiting to go into the park as I just kept looking at him for about a minute and turned to my buddy and Said, "Hey, Look AL its Uncle Joh..." And when I looked back he was gone! Al turned to ask me what, and as I realized this I just let it go..."Oh nothing, never mind." Awhile later on and I was working at the local K-Mart store pushing cart and emptying the garbage cans, mopping up the bath rooms. when along comes his wife and daughter, November of 2002, and I relayed this story to them both, being very close family friends and all...His wife looked like she was punched in the stomach and Lynne looked white as a sheet. She said, "How could you know what we buried him in; if you were not at the funeral!!" My story is True and it gave me a sense of refinement that "THERE IS SOMETHING MORE THAN THIS WORLD OUT THERE!!! Thanks for listening!! Russellp./