The Debate of Orbs


Orbs, Orbs, Orbs~
There is a lot of controversy on what exactly an orb is. Is it a ball of energy that is a spirit? Was it once a human? Some say it is simply the reflection of dust, a bug, or moisture in the air. I think all of the above. Each circumstance and picture is different and you have to use your best judgement. Did you feel the energy in the room change? Was it moving in a random pattern or a definitive one. Did you EMG detector go off if it flew by it? It is up to you to decide for yourself. My goal is to collect evidence, and it is up to you to interpret it.
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The Orbs of Salem~ Here is a collection of orbs from a trip to Salem that I took. Interesting, there were lots of blue orbs and even a blue figure we caught in the window. Not sure what to make of that.
Check out Salem's Orb Pictures Here.

The Lake Geneva Cemetary~ Here is a collection of orbs that we caught in an investigation of the Lake Geneva, Wi cemetary one night.
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The Connecticut Investigation~ This one is close to my heart. I was at a good friends house and she had been trying to call her brother. He wasn't answering and she got worried. She got up at 5am to go check on him and found him. She knew I did paranormal investigations and I had my equipment at her house so she asked me to go to his house that night to see what we could catch.
See Orb Picture Here.

2011 Pell Lake Cemetery Investigation~ This was a quiet night. We did get some orb pictures.

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One of my friends took this picture at a spiritual retreat.

And here is another friend's dog.

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