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June 14, 2011: Lake Geneva. Wi Cemetary

June 14, 2011

Findings: Orbs and EVPs

We had some interesting things happen at the cemetery tonight. We had an experience with an orb that might change my feelings on how I think about orbs. Usually I dismiss them as dust or moisture. Tonight as I was playing with my video camera I noticed I could see big orb sitting right in front of us. I asked my crew to come around me and we watched the screen. I asked the orb to move to the right, off the path, and it did. I asked it to move back, and it did. Was this consciousness and intelligence? Or was this a coincidence? I don't know. After this experience I decided to share the orb pictures i did capture, just in case there is something more to orbs then many suggest.

Click Here To Hear EVP


One big orb and two little ones, one over the big orb, shows a 3 dimensional view.

This bright orb moved back and forth as we asked it to to the middle of the trail and off to the side.

Here it looks as though to souls are just silently watching the graves and reflecting. a third orb hovers over the graves.

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