Paranormal Pictures

Lady in Yellow~ Yemaya took this picture. She was just trying to get a shot of her "lover." When she posted this picture on Facebook, several of her friends pointed out to her, there was more then just her "lover" in the picture.

Garden Ghost~ What do you think this is? Here are some details about this picture. I took it a in June of 2012. The sun was in back of me but behind a three story building. Note that the blue orb is in back of the branch. I don't know if any of this makes a difference, I just want to post exactly the conditions.

Ghost on a Raft picture~ How many passengers do you see on this  raft that is being pulled? When they took the picture there was only really three on the rafts.

Town Founders Daughter Apparition~ As you all know I like to collect pictures that my friends take that may be considered paranormal. In this picture my friend Jaisebel's sister took this picture. She thought she saw something so snapped a picture and this is what came out.
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A strange night in Pell Lake. Something turning on and off lights and these white shapes caught on camera. Read More Here

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