Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Salem Massachusetts Orbs

From Salem:

Last week, October 2011, I had the chance to go to Salem, Massachusetts. We caught many pics of orbs and maybe a possible "person" sitting in a window. Check it out and tell me what you think. I noticed that many orbs we caught were in blue. I know that the color blue is supposed to mean "shielding." Then I noticed in this picture what looks like a blue form in the window next to the orb. There was no light on. This is an empty house on a corner that was not lit up other then an occasional car that drove by. 

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Lady in Window? and orb?
What do you see in the window on the bottom second to left?

We caught this pretty blue orb walking down the side streets for Salem.

             Lots of orbs were captured in the cemetary where the "alleged witches" were buried.

Look at the epigraphs on these tombstones, they are just haunting.

Big Orb to the upper right of the door.
You might have to click on picture to enlarge to see it clearly.

Big orb on right of shot.

Another blue orb over the "Psychic Sign." Oddly in a close up from another angle of the same sign, the blue orb was still there. 

Two orbs by windows. 

The following pictures didn't have anything paranormal in them, just posting so you get a general feeling of Salem is like if you haven't been there before. 

The Fake Ghosts

Salem Cemetary where witches are buried.

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