Saturday, December 28, 2013

Strange Night in Pell Lake, Wi.

Strange Night in Pell Lake, Wi.

This was one strange night. Paranormal or not, well I'll let you decide but I'm sure my kids would answer yes.

It all started when I laid down to rest early one evening. I have a disease called, Chronic Lyme Disease and often have weird symptoms that come and go. On this night I felt tired so laid down, but upon laying down I suddenly felt like I could not move my arms and legs. They felt like they weighed a hundred pounds each.
I called out for my son and he ended up calling 911. The paralysis feeling seeped into my whole body. I felt like I couldn't breath. Then it slowly started easing up. By the time the ambulance got there, I could move my arms but they still felt unusually heavy and hard to move. So off to the hospital I went.

My kids came and sat with me for awhile and my daughter drove all the way out from where she was going to college at to make sure I was ok. After a visit they decided to go home and get some sleep for the night. This is where the paranormal events began.

My son went to lay down in my room and my oldest daughter took the couch. My youngest daughter went to sleep in her room. My son turned off the light and laid down when the light turned back on. Now this house is an old little cottage with old switches on the wall that have to be turned. So my son thought he just had not turned it all the way, and got up to turn them off again. Again they turned back on.

Then my little Yorkie, Tuffy, started barking at the closet. My son said he sat up in bed and was starting to freak out, like what is going on? Why is the light going on and the dog barking at the closet. He went out to get his sister and they started asking questions out loud.

They asked the ghost to turn the light on for yes and off for no. They asked if the ghost liked my son. The answer was no. They asked if the ghost was mad my son was sleeping in my bed. The ghost answered yes. They taped this with their cell phone. I wish we had saved it somehow. I did see it, it was truly freaky. Anyways, the kids all decided to go back into the living room to try to sleep.

Tuffy then started barking at the kitchen. The kids grabbed the camera and just aimed in the direction that Tuffy was barking in. There pictures below are what came out.  This all took place between the midnight and 5am.

They caught orbs and a figure behind the plant. 

Look behind the plant to the left. Is that a figure? 

Again the figure behind the plant and an orb above the right door.

The white figure plus a couple orbs.

Here is a close up of the figure and orb behind the plant.

Here it is again in black and white.

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