What's Your Story?

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What is your paranormal story? Please post it here or you can email it to wheresthekarma@yahoo.com along with any pictures you may have and I'll post it for you.


I really wanted to put this picture here because I am curious to this orb. My friend is chronically ill and taking this picture to show a rash that Lyme Disease can cause. Is this a healing spirit hovering over her hand?

My friend Jeff sent me this picture. He was sitting at the edge of the bathtub about ten minute prior to this picture being taken. It is not "paranormal" but his lingering aura. I just wanted to point out how our energy can stay, even if our body is elsewhere.

Here is a picture sent in by Yemaya. Look in back of her husband, what or who do you see?

My house in Pell Lake

This night I was in the hospital. The kids got home from the hospital when these events took place. First my son went to sleep in my room and the light started to turn on and off. It would go on and off as they asked questions. My dog was barking at the closet. Then the dog moved to the living room and was barking at the kitchen. The kids couldn't see anything, but decided to take pictures and this is what was captured.


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  1. We wanted to reach out to you, about some evidence we captured that's corroborating with another paranormal team. Hearing disembodied horses walking on cobblestone on August 2018, and have corroborating evidence as "Ghost Adventures" McPike Mansion episode that aired January of 2019.

    We have a story that you might be interested in. We are Spectrewaves a Paranormal Research team out of Chicago, Illinois. In August of 2018 we investigated McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois USA. We obtained evidence as another paranormal team of disembodied horses walking on cobblestone.

    Before Ghost Adventures aired their new episode of McPike Mansion in January 2019 they also captured the same exact evidence. This is very rare occurrence that happens as you well know. We obtained this evidence by using scientific tools capturing on audio tape / video tape. We have include a YouTube link explaining a rare phenomenon. We thought you would be interested in our story, we like to educate the public with the corroborating evidence.

    This started from being inside McPike Mansion, in Alton, Illinois, USA and one of the team member saw out the front door glass out the mansion a red streak and a white streak, After seeing that, she alerted the other team member thinking it was just someone, trespassing, we opened the door and looked because of some equipment we had laying on the porch outside the mansion she was worried that someone was going towards the equipment. But No one was anywhere in sight besides Spectrewaves. Soon after one of the team member asked the other team member: Do you hear that? She replied Yes! It sounds like horses walking on cobblestone. Both of us heard the disembodied horses walking on cobblestone with our own ears, as well as capturing an audio recording on a video camera.

    This was late at night, no horses anywhere insight,no one close by, no where was their cobblestone.

    We captured the disembodied horses walking on cobblestone in August of 2018, A few months went by, and "Ghost Adventures" aired their new episode of McPike Mansion, literally shocked us, that the caught the same exact evidence as we did.

    Our You Tube Link with evidence of corroboration video McPike horse sounds 2018


    (the video that explaining what happened is called: corroboration video McPike horse sounds 2018)

    our channel is called: SPECTREWAVES SPECTREWAVES

    We look forward to hearing what you think!~