Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Favorite Paranormal EVP, Picture, and Video

Since I have been doing investigations and collecting paranomal experiences from people I have found a couple items that just stand out. I would like to share them with you and hear back what you think. Also if you have anything you would like me to post for you, just let me know!

My Favorite Picture

This picture is from my friend Yemaya. She was just taking the picture of her partner and didn't notice the visitor in the background. She has this picture posted on facebook when a friend noticed the spirit in the background.

Picture credit: Yemaya

Close Up

  My Favorite EVP

That I Have Caught
 This EVP was caught in a retirement home that houses people that speak all different languages. There are a mix of German and Polish people here and the town in knick named the German Camp.

About five seconds in you will hear a female voice.

What do you think this lady is saying? What language is she speaking? Pay attention to right after Annie asks, "Are you the one that scares us at night?" she answers quickly. Is she speaking a different language or is she saying, "in the day.?" On the original tape, right before Annie asks her if she is the one scaring us at night, I had asked, "What is your name." I'm not sure which question she was answering as EVPS often come about ten to twenty seconds after a question is asked.

This is one of the few EVPS I have captured, that I would classify as a Class A.

That My Friend Caught

My friend Monica caught this on one of her investigations.While listen to it look at the comment section, our friend Yemaya transcribed it for us.What a beautiful message.

My Favorite Video

This is me in the basement of a nursing home. I didn't hear anything at the time, as you can probably tell since I had no reaction whatsoever. I had the recorder sitting on the chair. Listen carefully. You will hear two yells and a laugh, a cackling sort or laugh at that. What is she saying? Does she sound mad, happy, silly? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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