Afterlife- A place a person's soul goes when they die.

Akashic Records- A record of all time, events, and thoughts.

Angels- Beings thought to be messengers from God.

Animism- The belief that plants and inanimate objects have a soul.

Anniversary Imprint- A memory that replays at the same time each year.

Anomolous Phenomena- an unexplained event that cannot be explained by science.

Apparition- Vision of a ghost.

Apport- A visible appearance of an item during a seance that has no explanation for being there.

Astral Body- The persons spiritual self.

Aura- bands of light that surround our bodies.

Automatic Writing- When a person automatically writes without being aware of what is being written, usually because being taken over by another soul.

Autoscopy- Seeing the double of oneself like you are outside your body.

Banshee- The Irish female spirit that moans or yells before someone dies.

Barometer- A device that measure air pressure.

Benign spirit- a spirit that will no harm another person.

Bilocation- The appearance of a person or object appearing in two places at once.

Chi- Asian term for life force, and energy.

Channeling- A technique by mediums used to comminicate with the dead.

Clairaudience- Hearing voices, astral music, or discarnate beings.

Clairoleofactor- To have a tremendous sense of smell. To smell a flower before it blooms or a trouble before   
a death.

Clairsentience- The ability to feel yours or anothers emotions and sensations.

Clairovoyance- To have lucid mental perceptions and keen insights about people or situation to which you know nothing about.

Cross Species Communication- To be able to communicate with animals, plants, or aliens.

Divination- To obtain knowledge of future events through omens.

Dvining or dousing rod- Rods that can point to underground water or minerals.

Doppleganger- The spirit of a living person outside of the body.

Electronic Magnetic Field- aka EMF- it is said that spirits energy can be measure by an EMF device.

Electronic Voice Phenomena- aka EVP- the recording of a voice that was not heard by human ears in the room.

Empathy- The ability to feel another emotions or to preject emotions out to another person.

ESP- Extra Sensual Perception. The ability to know things without using the senses.

Faith Healing- Knowing you or others can heal yourself or others just by believing it.

Intuition- The act of knowing something without using rational processes.

Orb- A ball of energy that some believe may be a spirit.

Out Of Body Experience- aka OBE- the act of projecting your soul from you body and be able to return. Usually you are attached by a silver cord.

Past Life Recall- When you have a flash of a past life or place or circumstance.

Poltergiest- A noisy spirit.

Precognition- Pre knowing.

Psychometry- The act of touching an object and feeling the energy attached to it, such as the person who owned it before.

Scrying- The act of fixating on a clear surface such as a crystal or water and reading the patterns.

Synchronicity- Meaningful coincidences that are mediated by psi activity.

Telekinisis- the act of moving an object without touching it.

Tone Healing- Your tone of voice can sooth, irritate, or even heal others.

Transmeduimship- To have major personality shifts probably causes by possesion of another spirit.

Decibel Terminology & DefinitionsAmpere= A unit of electric current strength, equal to a flow of one coulomb per secondCoulomb= A unit of electric charge equal to the quantity of charge in approximately 6 x 10 to the 19th
power of electrons
Decibel= A unit used to express relative difference in power, usually between acoustic or electric
signals, equal to ten times the common logarithm of the ratio of the two levels
Hertz= Electromagnetic field frequency generated by alternating current
Joule= Unit of electrical energy equal to the work done when a current of 1 ampere is passed
through a resistance of 1 ohm for 1 second
Milligauss (MG)= 1/1000 of a gaussMilliwatts per square meter (mW/m2)= A unit for measuring one joule of work per second of power per square meterOhm= A unit of electrical resistance equal to that of a conductor in which a current of one ampere
is produced by a potential of one volt across its terminals
Ohmmeter= An instrument for measurement in ohms of the resistance of a conductorVolt= The unit of electric potential and electromotive force equal to the difference in potential
needed to cause a current of one ampere to flow through a resistance of one ohm
Watt= Unit of power equal to one joule per second

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