Ghost Hunting Tips

Getting Started- Some Basic Ghost Hunting Rules and Tips

Be aware of your surroundings. Check out the area in daylight so you are familiar with the area. Look for dangerous places and obstacles that you will not be able to see in the dark. Make sure this is somewhere you won't mind spending half a night in the dark investigating. And make sure you have permission to be where you are. Make sure you are not trespassing. You should always make sure you have permission to be on someone's property. If you are on private property you are risking getting a ticket or arrested in some areas. No matter how tempting it is to investigate an abandoned house or cemetary in the middle of the night, we need to make sure we are respectful and always have permission first. Remember, ghost hunters already have a "stigma" about them so always make sure we stay professional.

  •   Have a group of investigators that you trust. Never go alone. Always make sure you have another person with you in case something happens. Bring along a first aid kit also. It is best to do an investigation at night. Photos are better in the dark but don't let that discourage you from taking them during the day. Orbs are easier to catch when you use a flash.

  • Do a little history on your location first. Find out all you can about the history of the place you're investigating. Newspapers, town historians, and books can be helpful finding folklore or hard facts about the site.

  • Some investigators like to say a "Prayer of Protection" before they start. That is up to you, but if you choose to, you can say something like, "I am divinely protected and guided. Any spirits that I encounter will remain bound to the confines of the cemetery/house/location." You tend to attract the kind of energy you put out. So be sure to go in with good positve energy and with a team you can trust. No matter what your beliefs are, it can't hurt to do this.

What Equipment You Will Need

Voice Recorder- This is my favorite device for ghost hunting. If I had to pick just one thing, it would be this. For some reason this is where I get most of my evidence. It is not only nice for catching EVPs (electronic voice phenomenas) but also for tracking where you are and pointing out noises that are not paranormal. For example, you could say, "dog barking next door at 10pm" saving your team a lot of work trying to figure out if something was paranormal or not. 

Digital Camera-  Digital cameras are a must too. Especially if you like to catch orbs. Take lots of pictures on each investigation and look through them carefully for anything paranormal or anything that could be mistaken for paranormal.

Night Vision Cameras-
Night vision and ultra violet video cameras are nice because they can see outside the light spectrums that human eyes can. You may watch video back and see something going on around you that you had no idea was happening at the time. 

Pen and Paper- Don't forget a little notepad to jot down details on. It's good to write down when you felt chills, any weird sensations or thought you might of heard anything.  Later you won't remember and it will help on review of the evidence. Also don't forget to write down where reported activity happens if you go on a tour with someone who owns the property ahead a time. 

Flash Light- Flash lights are good for the obvious reasons of being able to see when you are walking through a dark house or property. But also you can use them to communicate. I'm sure you have all seen the shows on tv, where they get the twist flashlights and ask the spirits questions, and they can reply by turning the flashlight on and off.  

First Aid Kit- You will want to bring along a first aid kit. Remember you are going to be walking around on a strange  property, in the dark, in uncertain circumstances. So be safe, and bring along a first aid kit.

There are plenty of other fun gadgets to bring along too, such as lasers, ghost boxes and other new toys for ghost hunts, but if you have the equipment above it should provide you with enough for a successful investigation. Have fun and be safe!

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