Out Of Body Experiences

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  1. Okay: My girl friend moved to a new house in 2008, it is in the same town we both live in; Batavia NY. Right in between Buffalo and Rochester NY. We both have a little boy whom is 14 years old this year. I went with her when she looked at the place, and walked through it with her. Just to be sure, I made not of the rooms and the back closet that is not an attic. I went my way for several years while she and the boy settled into their new p[lace. On a particular night, I was having dreams that are not the usual type, but rather colored and not black and white. Being lost and confused in the woods is not my forte and I hunt a lot! One night farther on; I had a most unusual dream that was more like actually being there...my body felt like air and I could float at random just by thinking about my direction: as I went, my room seemed to dissipate and I arose with out so much as thinking. (I was sleeping)?! But I san not...As I went along and could see the night sky and stars and the streets below my person and went straight to her house. I went to the door and it simply washed away as I entered the building. I was inside going about looking at her set up kitchen and dinning room and living room. The stairs lead up to my boys room and hers, but I went straight to hers?...As I entered the room and could see her in bed and I was floating above her like a balloony!! I came down above her as she lye on her belly and with both arms pushed upon her exposed shoulders, and she turned her head and said, "What" in a half sleepy voice that went back to sleep. I immediately retreated in my elaborate foolery and found myself home!! The next time we met and spoke I asked her if she had had any strange dreams lately? and she said she had...As I recounted this experience to her and she said she remembered waking and seeing me?? Stranger yet was, that I knew the room upstairs she slept in and could recount the manner of the house too; since I had not been there in several years. She found this very out of sorts and became not angry, but annoyed by it. Russellp./