Edgar Cayce and Reincarnation~  A quick list to his beliefs and readings on reincarnation. Read Them Here

The Buddhists Handbook to Reincarnation~ Some basic reincarnation beliefs from Buddhism. Also a look at how karma relates to reincarnation. Click Here to Read

Dr. Ian Stevenson on Reincarnation~ A collection of thousands of children's stories on their memories from past lives. Read More Here

Collection of Reincarnation Stories. Several Different stories on recounts of past lifetimes. Read More Here

ReincarnationFifth Dimension Documentary on Reincarnation. Watch Here

The Long Wheel~ A look into reincarnation, including the history, religious beliefs and nowadays opinions. Including the trailer to the movie, "Dreams Awake." Continue to Post

The NDE and Reincarnation

Little Boy, Proof of Reincarnation?

What do you think the point of reincarnation is?
To make up karma from past lives
For your soul to keep learning lessons
Noone knows for sure
I don't believe in reincarnation
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  1. WHAT?. I'm the only one to answer this is about 3 years(1085 days)!?. That's sad,and it's a hot topic too,so it makes no sense that people wouldn't answer it.