Sunday, December 22, 2013

Orbs, Orbs, Orbs!

I am sure you have taken a picture and have noticed an orb or two in it. What are these phenomenom? Are they spirits or guardian angels? Are they reflections of dust in the air? Are the cameras capturing spiritual energy that we cannot see with the human eye? My opinion is that it is all of the above. Some might be moisture in the air or dust. Some are definatly full of energy. I have captured orbs with my camera at the same time as getting a EMF(electric magnetic field) reading on my EMF reader. I have also watched my dog as he seems to watch something floating by in the air and taken pictures and there was always an orb in it. So what they exactly are, I am not sure. But I do believe they are interesting to learn about and try to capture on camera.

Are they dust? Water drops? Moisture in the air? Bugs? Or spirit energy?

I will tell you at this site (The Lake Geneva Wi, Cemetary), not far from where we took this picture we also captured a good EVP (electric voice phenomena). An EVP is a voice that you hear on tape later, but you don't hear it in the moment

If you have earphones, put them on and listen to this: Voice at Cemetary. What do you think it says?

One of my Favorite Orb Pictures

Orb caught in Cemetary

I caught this one at the Lake Geneva Cemetary too. I just love how there is a big one with two little ones right next to it. It is such a peaceful feeling I get looking at this picture.

Please check out this website, there are so many nice videos and information on there. 

Are these spirits looking at their tombstones?

See the orbs, or white misty figures? 

Dusty Looking at an Orb

Orbs I caught at Ted's House

A couple hours after his body was found.

RIP Ted, you were very loved. Is this Ted by the flowers that were left for him? Was he watching us at his house? Did he know his sister wanted to be closer to him one last time?

Can you hear a voice in this EVP? (Remember to put on your headphones)

Do you hear the deep breaths in this one?

What does the Color of Orbs Mean?

There is pretty much two theories on what the color of orbs mean.

First theory being this- Color difference in orbs is caused by chromatic distortion which means that our eyes perceive different wavelengths and shapes as varying colors. If a particle happens to be of a certain makeup or shape, it will tend to absorb certain wavelengths of light and reflect others. That is what gives us the perception of a color.

The second theory being- The color of the orb is influenced by the energy of the spirit who is the orb.

This is a picture that was taken about ten minutes after my friend stood up and walked out of the room. The men here were remodeling the bathroom, so the second man was taking the picture of the bathroom while it was empty. At the time he didn't see anything but when he uploaded the picture to his computer, this is what showed up. ;

Some Things May be Mistaken as Orbs

I've been trying to study what may also look like an orb, it's really harder then you thing to reenact an orb.

This was a bright light from a house or street light in the background.

Driving in the Rain.
Blurred street lights

Dust blowing in the window and reflecting off the sun. With my eyes I could see millions of little dust particles, but with the camera it only picked up a couple white dots, which I thought was interesting since a lot of orbs get blamed on dust. 

Obviously a moth. 


Close Ups of Orbs

HeartBroken62  writes:
Great lens. Really well done. My favorite and most cherished orb experience was the one I saw without a camera. Several years back, we cared for a 61 y.o. gentleman in our home who had colorectal cancer. He passed in my home with me by his side. The night before he passed, I was beside him, wiping his face and keeping his mouth moistened. He had slipped away from us earlier that afternoon and would not respond to us anymore. I knew his time was coming. As I was sitting there beside him and had just finished wiping him down, I turned to place the cloth on the coffee table I was sitting on (it is a small room and the sturdy coffee table was very helpful as a stool and place to keep what he needed for care). When I turned back, there was a pin-light hovering just above his face. I rubbed my eyes, thinking I was seeing things. No, it was still there and slowly rose into a corner of the room. At this time, he started reaching up towards it and said, "Yes, I am ready to go." Then, the little light vanished and we heard no more words out of "Pops". He passed the next morning when the hospice lady had come to check on him as I was telling her the story. May "Pops" forever R.I.P. I know in my heart that I will be forever changed by that experience...I have witnessed an Angel in my own home come to lead "Pops" to his new home. Thank you for the great job you have done here.             

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