Friday, April 18, 2014

Life After Death Experiences Involving Pets


There is always some debate about whether animals really have "souls,' or not. I don't really understand why. Of course they are made of energy and light just as humans are. Why wouldn't they be? Personally I believe that anything "living" is, people, plants, and animals. We are all energy, energy that is connected. Every little thing we do causes a ripple that will affect the other.

So many times, after losing a pet, I have said, "I will never get another, it hurts too bad to say good bye to them." But again, I do, and you probably will too. I mean how emtpy would life be without our faithful friends? They become more then friends actually, they become your family. Your everyday comfort and unconditional love. To me, they are like little angels surrounding us here on the earth, that show us love while offering us the opportunity to be reponsible for another soul. We need to feed them, bathe them, and have high enough intuition around them to know if something is wrong and they need medical help.

For those that have lost one of their furry little friends, and may need some comfort, I have collected some "Life After Death" stories that involved seeing your long lost pets when you have a near death experience. I hope it will bring comfort to others. If you have a story you would like to share, please place it in the comments below.

1. Jan and Maggie
While Jan's daughter had a hard time believing that the first "soul" that someone would see after crossing over would be a dog, this is what happened to Jan. In Jan's words, "What I came to realize is that there is a love connection between the two worlds - a stream of energy that forms a heart bond between two souls that is the strongest at the time of transition. Love comes out to greet you, wearing the form that will be most meaningful to you at the time. In my case it was our precious dog, and yes, dogs have souls - Plato knew it and so did Saint Augustine, along with most other true saints and sages."
To read more about Maggie's life after death journey, please click here.

2. Maureen and Yabba
When Maureen lost Yabba she was devastated. Yabba decided to come visit and let Maureen know that she was still there in spirit.
Please read more of Maureen and Yabba's story here.

3. A Visit from Kitty Hoggy
"After he died I came home about 3 am from the Animal Emergency Clinic. As I lay in bed crying by myself in a semi dark room I saw a movement off to the left side of the bed and I sat up in bed. I saw him there for just a few seconds just looking at me. There were no other animals in the room.
Read this story of the visit from a cat after he passed the Rainbow Bridge.

4. Pet Reincarnation
If you are interested in "pet reincarnation" please visit, "Can Pets Come Back," to read the tales of those who  believed their pets did.

Do Our Pets Go To The Afterlife? Afterlife TV Conversation with Danielle Mackinnon

If you are having a hard time with the loss of a pet, please visit this website for support.

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