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Children of the Blue-Ray

Children of the Blue-Ray

In the 1988 book Notes From The Cosmos, Gordon Michael Scallion wrote a chapter about the Blue-Ray Children. Scallion is an established psychic and modern-day prophet, often compared to Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce. He is probably most famous for his ‘future maps’ of the world and his accurate predictions of Earth changes. He was popularised in Bob frissells books, Nothing in this Book is True and Something in this Book is True. 

Scallion knew about these children since the early eighties, but did not really know what the significance was. It wasn’t until1988 that during a session with a client he went into trance and the information came out. He described the Blue-Ray children as the forerunners of the new root race (the Crystals?), who were from the ‘mental’ plane of existence, whose colour vibration was ‘blue’. He explained that they were the souls from the ancient land of Lemuria, whereas the Indigo’s are predominantly Atlantean. According to Scallion, the Indigo’s layed the groundwork for the Blue-rays, which enabled them step into their roles as teachers. The Indigo and Blue colours are very close in the colour spectrum and this can be seen as a natural process of movement through subtle vibrations. 

Scallion emphasised that these Children ‘evolve’ very quickly: “They are teaching others by the age of four or five. By the time they reach their twelfth year, the Blue Ones would be equivalent to an average adult who has spent perhaps twenty-five years as a teacher”. They also have telekinetic powers, a ‘knowing’ of their mission on Earth and many traits associated with all the other categories of Children. 

Here is a list of the Blue-Ray characteristics from Notes from the Cosmos:

1. Blue Ray Children have dreams that are highly evolved, and they begin dreaming and remembering dreams at a very early age.

2. They have an affinity for languages of all types. Many speak more than one language, if exposed, by age three.

3. They are determined, and at time can be quite stubborn (much like the Indigo’s).

4. They invent pretending games in which they take on the role of healer, using laying on of hands.

5. They are drawn to water, more than any other setting. They often stare into space at length, especially when near rivers, oceans or even the blue sky.

6. They have an understanding of how animals feel and think. They explain this to others in a matter-of-fact – “Don’t you know?”- manner.

7. By the time they reach their teens, many have a desire to go to other countries – often attempting to urge their parents to take them, or going so far as to plan their own trips. 

8. Their personalities seem to fluctuate between two extremes – from being serious, single-minded and focused (like the Indigo Children), to being dreamy-eyed and distant (like the Crystal Children.

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